Teeth in One Day

Teeth in One Day

An exciting new concept in the treatment of missing or failing teeth…

With more than 25 years’ experience in the fi eld of dental implants, the team at The Dental Academy understands the impact total tooth loss can have on personal confi dence and quality of life. Everyday functions such as eating, smiling, talking and visual appearance can all be adversely affected.

Conventional denture solutions such as removable dentures, often requiring the aid of adhesives, do not adequately address these issues. Over recent years The Dental Academy has been at the forefront in the advancement of, and investment in, dental implants, and its dedication to offering denture wearers more choice has led to a signifi cant improvement in quality of life for its patients.

One of the biggest fears people who have lost, or are about to lose, all of their teeth have is the prospect of being without any teeth at all for a period of time.

All in One Day...

Treatment begins early in the morning. Any failing teeth are removed and the dental implants are placed.

Patients can then relax in the calming and private atmosphere of the Academy or, if they prefer, may return home for a couple of hours whilst their bespoke teeth are constructed by our technician.

The bridge and replacement teeth will then be expertly fi tted and patients leave with a confi dent smile, and looking forward to the enhanced quality of life that goes with it - all in one day.

After a period of about six months, allowing soft tissue to heal and implants to integrate with the bone, patients return for the fi tting of their fi nal teeth.

Teeth in One Day uses just four implants to provide patients with a full arch restoration



Benefits of ‘Teeth in One Day’

  • Patients acquire their new teeth inone day.
  • The use of only four implants reduces costs.
  • Suitable for patients who have already suffered some bone loss as uses existing bone effectively.
  • Helps prevent further bone loss.
  • Restores confi dence, chewing ability and your natural smile.
  • Taste is not compromised as nothing covers the mouth’s upper palette.
  • No more loose dentures

‘Teeth in One Day’

Uses the very latest technology and expertise offering the perfect solution to missing or failing teeth. A new set of teeth, complete and fitted all in one day in a simple procedure, leaves patients smiling confi dently and naturally once again.

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