Case Studies

Case Studies

We pride ourselves on the excellent care levels and service that we offer to all our customers. Please see the following examples of some typical customer case studies:

Case Study 1 - Mr A, Doncaster, Aged 71

The Problem

Mr A had the back teeth on his lower jaw extracted many years ago. These extractions did not cause him any undue problems and he managed without any dentures being made.

When he was 65 years old, however, his front teeth became loose and he had to have those extracted also. This meant he had a complete lower jaw without any teeth. At this point he had dentures made. The dentures were uncomfortable, moved about, made a noise and were generally ill fitting and unsatisfactory. He had the dentures re-lined but this procedure made little difference.

Mr A enjoyed socialising but the problems caused by the dentures caused him to withdraw and stop going out. Eating was also difficult and he found himself becoming increasingly unhappy.

The Solution

Mr A contacted a member of our implantology team and it was decided that an overdenture was the most suitable way forward. The procedure entailed two implants being placed together with a gold bar that the dentures are fitted onto. This procedure ensures that the dentures are fixed and do not move.

Mr A feels that his quality of life has improved greatly since his over-denture was fitted and he would fully recommend this procedure to anyone with a similar problem.

Case Study 2 - Mrs B, Warrington, Aged 57 Years

The Problem

Mrs B required permanent medication to stablise a severe medical condition. This treatment has caused severe deterioration of the bones and gums in her jaw.

She has had the medication since she was 20 years old. Her diet was sandwiches, soups and cottage pie - anything that was soft and easy to handle, and in most instances not necessarily what she really wanted to eat. She was reluctant to eat out socially because she felt self-conscious. She had lost her confidence and felt totally depressed.

The Solution

After years of ill-fitting dentures and visiting dentists, who she felt did not understand her problems, she visited one of the clinic's implantology team. That decision changed her life and has resulted in the fitting of five dental implants, with eight teeth being placed in her bottom jaw. These implants are permanent and she never again has to worry about bleeding gums and pains associated with ill-fitting dentures.

Mrs B is at the moment planning to have implants in her top jaw and is adamant that every penny spent on implants is well worth it. Mrs B has been happily married for 30 years and has the full support of her husband in her decision to have dental implants - because he has seen her suffer due to her medical and subsequent dental problems.

Case Study 3 - Mr C, Warrington, Aged 49 Years

The Problem

Mr C suffered from receding gums and one of his front teeth on his bottom jaw became loose. This tooth needed to be extracted, leaving a gap.

The Solution

All options were discussed and he felt he did not want a bridge as this would involve preparation of the adjoining teeth for the bridge to adhere to.

After careful consideration it was decided that a single implant would be the most suitable and preferable option.

This enabled the tooth to be permanently replaced without affecting the adjoining teeth.


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